Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Moon, Uranus and Pluto in the Fourth House: Oh My!

Our next participant was born on December 22, 1970 at 5:33PM. This is a continuation of several interpretations that I have been doing for a while now using the Munich Rhythm Theory Method of Horoscope Interpretation. These were the six people who participated in my tattoo project and as of this date the total number is seven in all. After the seventh interpretation I will no longer be providing readings on my blog. For anyone interested in this unique method of interpretation please look in the archives for explanations.

As I've stated before anonymity has been a priority which is why I left out the names of participants as well as their locations of birth. All participants know who you are. With that said I shall continue with my Capricorn participant's chart interpretation.

As I've explained before, in this system, each house contains seven years of an individual's life. We must first look at the horoscope beginning from the ascendant and going in a clockwise we can say that the first seven years of our participant's life are ruled by the Moon because our participant is a Cancer rising, so for the first seven years of life our participant will be ruled by the Moon. The Moon and the aspect she makes will describe the participant's experiences from the age of birth through seven years of age.

And next, going again in a clockwise direction and beginning with the twelfth house cusp which has the sign of Gemini on the cusp our participant will for the next seven years of life be ruled by the planet Mercury because Gemini is the ruler of that period from the ages of seven through fourteen years of age. The experiences of our participant's life during this seven year period will be determined by Mercury, his location in the horoscope and the aspects he makes.

If we wanted to know what planet ruled the period of life from the ages of fourteen through twenty one all we would have to do is look at what sign was on the cusp of the eleventh house which in this case is Venus. This means that Venus was the planetary ruler of this period. In order to determine what experiences our participant had at this age period we have to look at the location of Venus in the chart as well as the aspects that she makes.

Since our participant is a Cancer rising it is safe to say that his or her emotions are striving for expression. Our participant will be at the mercy of his or her feelings and the fact that the Moon is located in the fourth house it makes this fact doubly strong. However since the Moon is in Libra the participant's emotional expression will be somewhat cooler in it's expression than if it were in a more compatible water sign.

The Moon is making a square aspect to the ascendant and decendant which can cause problems and misunderstandings within the family. We must also take into consideration that Uranus and Pluto are also in the fourth house. Uranus indicates a disconnect and emotional detachment from the family. It's not unusual for people with this placement to feel different than the family he or she was born into. Pluto in the fourth house says that one of the parents would have been a force to be reckoned with.

Moon in the fourth house always brings about changes in the home life and when you sprinkle a little Uranus in it the home life doesn't look like it's off to an easy start. And when Pluto strong arms his way into the picture the environment looks pretty heavy duty for a child so young.

More tomorrow!

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