Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cash Cab, Heidi Klum, John Edwards, and More

I found myself watching the Cash Cab today. I love that show! Besides getting to see miles and miles of New York City streets and familiar landmarks I can also test my knowledge against the unsuspecting passengers about to enter the yellow vehicle of hope.

Getting into the Cash Cab is like having a Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn transit. Mercury would represent the cab and the ride, Jupiter would represent the cash, and Saturn would represent the test that is required in order to win the money...and let me not forget to mention that Jupiter and Saturn in good aspect always helps to make for good timing. After all, it's not every day that people run into Cash Cab. Oh yeah, I forgot, it also helps to have good luck aspects in your natal horoscope as well.

So after the shower of inspiration brought on by Cash Cab, I'm ready to provide you with another astrology quiz. Unfortunately, answering correctly will not provide you with any cash but just a bit of good clean fun and a well deserved applause. If you are wrong you will know it. Enjoy!

John Edwards Sun in Gemini and Mars in the 12th house makes
a) it difficult to know what he is up to
b) open, honest, and above board

Uranus on John Edwards ascendant makes him
a) predictable and boring
b) full of surprises

Heidi Klum's vivaciousness and perky personality is due to
a) a Capricorn Rising
b) a huge stellium in Gemini

This talk show host with Saturn and the Moon in the sixth house always worries about getting fired.
a) Ellen
b) Conan O'Brian
c) Oprah
d) Jay Leno

Ooops! If you see wrong answers it is due to my fumbling. Just start over again for the right ones.

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msfullroller said...

I love your little tests!