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More on Homeopathy and Astrology

Keep your eyes peeled because I have decided to conspicuously post Mr. Dobereiner's website on on my blog roll to make it easier for those of you who want to purchase his books. All I have to do is find it so please be patient with me. Dobereiner's Pisces Sun, and the fact that has moved from his previous address, does not advertise, and also lives in Germany doesn't make it easy. I've found it before and I'm certain I'll be able to find it again. In the meantime...

It is Dobereiner Monday and I wanted to share some tidbits of info from his homeopathy book, Patterns of Experience in the Astrological Diagnosis and Homepathic Treatment of Illnesses. I only wish he chose a much shorter title.

I think I've said this before but I want to point out again that I don't practice homeopathy for the simple reason that I am totally unqualified. I am much more comfortable leaving the practice of diagnosing diseases to medical professionals and homeopathic experts. Even though a lot of people might think that my Sun, Mercury and Venus in the Sixth House might give me an honorary MD status they would be wrong.

To begin with, Patterns of Experience is not written in typical cookbook style format. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, typically, Dobereinerbegins by introducing us to the meanings of the quadrants which is so vital for bringing the student to a complete understanding of this system. Then he provides sample planetary combinations very simply and succinctly which is his style. For instance in order to illustrate Moon-Uranus 4-11 issues he will use only the 360 degree circle divided into twelve equal sections beginning with Aries on the first house cusp and then the rest of the eleven signs of the zodiac on each appropriate house cusp. He then places Uranus in the 4th house and the Moon in the 11th house and nothing else. This keeps things simple and is especially helpful to the inexperienced student.

Moon-Uranus is the title of his next chapter with the name of the associated homeopathic remedy which is Antimonium Crudum. If you are like me and unless you are a chemist you will have absolutely no reference point for the name of this remedy. But what you will have is a reference point for the two horoscope illustrations that are provided. One horoscope circle will have Uranus located in the 4th house which is a great way to visualize the effects of a Moon-Uranus aspect and the area of life it relates to. Another illustration will have the Moon in the 11th house. These illustrations have away of prompting the brain to organize the data quickly resulting in making the process of understanding the combination in an instantaneous fashion.

"The Winged Psyche" is used by Dobereiner to describe the effects of Moon-Uranus-4-11 issues and his reference to Keats no doubt hints at his appreciation for poetry, he is after all, a Pisces. Then next he gives us a list of resultant conditions associated with Moon-Uranus combos.
  1. Emotional overburdening of the child by the mother.
  2. Rejection of the maternal principle, of all that is feminine.
  3. Self protection through untouchability - flight from dualistic experience.
  4. Resistance to feelings and impressions from the environment. (fear of infection)
  5. "Sancitification of the subjective" - suspension of dualistic experience.
  6. Neurosecretion disturbances, nerve tract disorders, nervous stomach symptoms
He goes on to say that this is the "image of the winged psyche - symbolized in Europe by the wild goose and in Asia by the crane - the psyche which leaves the body in order to experience the beyond." And in my opinion a beautiful visual that assists in understanding the implications of this planetary combination.

Classically a Moon in hard aspect to Uranus will indicate a separation from the mother, change in home life, or a person who is emotionally detached. Dobereiner's explains, "From the very beginning the child resists the mother's intrusions, resists being "mothered" and become emotionally untouchable. The child closes himself off to all feelings and impressions, does not allow them to touch his emotions and remains emotionally isolated"

The rejection of the maternal principle as he puts it, can cause a rejection of all that is motherly. He also says that men with a Moon-Uranus combination often prefer women of a "boyish appearance" or have a touch of the "exotic." His often used word "suspension" to describe the effects of Uranus is used to make it's nature more clearly understood. A man with Uranus issues effecting the 4th house or the Moon will most certainly elevate himself out of emotional forms of expression in favor of a more detached and cool manner of expression, and the same could be said of a woman with this combination. As we know Uranus tends to make for unique individuals. Moon-Uranus-4-11 combos will tend to exaggerate and make an person's emotions extreme in some way. Uranus always has the potential to make an individual isolate himself from others especially when the Moon or Sun is involved.

As for illnesses, he mentions that Moon-Uranus corresponds to disturbance in the metabolism of nerve proteins and to nerve and tissue disorders. Gastritis is ascribed to this combination as well. "Nervously conditioned pancreatic insufficiency" are also symptoms associated with Moon-Uranus combinations. These are but a few of the conditions he provides and describes in detail but are too lengthy to include in this blog.

I am not advocating the use of any remedy mentioned in this blog I am merely suggesting that you read this book especially if you are interested in this complex subject. Dobereiner's book offers not only remedies for various ailments, it offers an unparallelled volume of brilliantly written descriptions of astrological aspects and how they might manifest on a psychological level.

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