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In the Munich Rhythm Theory Method of Chart Interpretation the term "release" refers to a specific time in a person's life when a planetary aspect contained within the horoscope results in an experiential event.

The planets and their locations will determine whether the events will be experienced, physically, emotionally, or simply witnessed by the individual. The release dates can be determined by a simple mathematical formula. It might help here to think of the horoscope as a clock with alarms, programmed to go off at scheduled times.

It is here that I must apologize for not being able to illustrate on a circle chart. I am working fast as I can to have this issue resolved by the end of the holiday season. It is with that understanding that I will now attempt to use words rather than illustrations the best way I can.

I am going to use my own edited horoscope sans minutes and seconds and other data in order to make this a little easier to follow . Take a pen or pencil and follow along.

I am a 23Gemini Rising
MC = 28 Aquarius
H 12 = 12 Taurus
H 11 = 01 Aries
H 2 = 13 Cancer
H 3 = 04 Leo

Enter the appropriate degrees on each cusp from house 10 through house 4 and continue to write all of the opposite signs and degrees for the rest of the houses around the circle.

Since I am a Gemini Rising the planet Mercury ruled the first seven years of my life. My natal retrograde Mercury at 22 degrees is located in the latter part of the sixth house and is straddling the seventh house and is opposite Uranus in Gemini in the Twelfth house.

If we consider my Mercury to be in the seventh and I do, we could say that I am striving to communicate the understanding of ideas.

Since Mercury is opposite Uranus it looks as though a suspension of my understanding occurred. Mercury is located in the 7th house, which also says that I witnessed something that resulted in a suspension of my understanding of what I encountered. Due to a suspension (Uranus) of information (Mercury) coming from others (7th house) the nature of the information received resulted in being misunderstood ( Uranus in the 12th house)

When I was three years old I witnessed a very traumatic event. In order to protect me my parents felt a lie was preferable to the truth (Sag) so they decided to tell me that what I saw was something I dreamed...despite asking them each and every year of my life until I was 40 years old whether what I saw happened or not. Years later I was told by a therapist that the age of three is when a child begins to reason. I believe that due to my Mercury in Sagittarius and the age I was at the time I never stopped trying to get at the truth. I was always told I was a big mouth. What ever did they mean?

My retrograde Mercury is also another indication that a full understanding of the matter at hand would be delayed until a later date. I might also add that this traumatic event was one that I witnessed rather than one that was experienced physically because the planet ruling the age from birth to seven years old was located in the third quadrant. The third quadrant is the realm where images and ideas are experienced. If the ruling planet were located in the second house instead of the seventh for example the experience would have been a physical one. It is specifics like these that really help an astrologer to get at the heart of the matter correctly and on target.

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