Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For those of you born between the 22nd and the 23th of January it's time to stand up and cheer and kiss that super freak and power monger Pluto a big fat goodby. You have probably had your fill of goodbyes... to things as well as people. Pluto transits are never easy but for you early Cappys take it from me, the things that have left you were meant to go. You are on the road to a new way of living your new life. A word of warning to all of you born early in the will find this year to be somewhat of a roller coaster ride.

Those of you born after the 29th will be constantly reminded of your limitations. This is no big deal for a Capricorn to handle given the fact you were all born with an inner cop inside of you guiding you correctly either to the right or to the left so just keep paying attention to the rules and you sho0uld be okay. Those of you born after the 29th will learn to accept and appreciate your inborn ability to be cautious.

In conclusion, please accept this short birthday forecast as my present to you and be sure to call me on your birthday for a more extensive one.

I have been having a great time sharing the work of Mr. Dobereiner and I will continue to do so but due to a difficult schedule I will have to limit these posts to Monday's only. My tattoo project is still on and I would like even more of you to participate. So please be my guest and send in your birth data after clicking on the tattoo on my front page

It pleases me no end to see that the number of visitors to my site is growing. I want to thank all of you for visiting and I wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday filled with health and abundance.

I am presently in Florida and and will be leaving for my home in New York for a short family visit. Afterwards I will be whisked back down to palm trees and everlasting sunshine again on Christmas Day.

Love you all, and I will be back on Monday!!

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