Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Venus in Sagittarius is Aphrodite wearing a backpack and swearing like a trooper. She's as flashy and dependable as a 1950's Chevy. She is Belle Watling with a heart of gold in Gone with the Wind and honest as the day is long as Miss Kitty was in Gunsmoke.

Venus in Sag can love like the rest of us but will have a hard time being reigned in. Extra marital affairs will be indulged in for sport with no strings attached resulting in feelings of guilt equal to the size of Wyoming because remember the Sagittarius part of the combo really wants to keep it honest.

Oh, but we can't forget there are always two sides to a thing. If you find yourself involved with a well adjusted Venus in Sagittarius person be prepared for the ride of a lifetime. Your generous and freewheeling Venus in Sag will be booking you both to flights to nowhere just to experience a change of scenery... with the plains of the Serengeti on the top of the list. Keeping this combination faithful will be easy as long as the adventure never dies.

Venus in Sagittarius just wants to experience love in a big way and give it all he/she's got. Keep your bookshelves stocked and continuing education schedules close by as you and your lover journey onward together toward one adventure after another.

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