Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ever since Mercury in Virgo went retrograde on September 7th the heavens rained down the usual mercury retrograde annoyances like travel delays, contract changes, and misunderstandings in general. Given the nature of the proverbial retrograde we should always expect things to come back and bite us.

Mercury went direct on September 29th which means that Murphy's Law should have begun to feel like a distant memory as things began to return to normal, except that on closer inspection we could see that detail oriented Mercury in Virgo was not finished busying himself with Virgoish things like healthcare, jobs, unacceptable workmanship as well as all the little things that regular people don't want to deal with back in August 3rd through August 26th.

Then it looked like the heavenly spheres were allowing us mortals to move onto a new topic of interest when Mercury went into the charming sign of Libra sprinkling bits of love dust all over everybody. Could this mean that maybe just maybe it were possible to convince congressman nationwide to come to some kind of Venusian agreement or would it be possible even to charm a reluctant fiance to purchase a mega carat ring?

Not a chance in hell because on September 7th sweet talking Mercury in Libra went retrograde and his indecisive side kicked into gear. By the time Mercury backpedaled into Virgo it was deja vu all over again. Even if you weren't a US congressman working your little Blackberry so hard that the numbers on the keys were beginning to fade but simply a working stiff with a flip phone you had to feel really annoyed that the ghosts of August past had come back to haunt you.

Is your boss reminding you of some details you've overlooked? Was your proposal rejected because you decided to wing it? Is you health suffering now because you've ignored proper nutrition? Isn't that diamond ridiculously expensive?

Just because Mercury went direct on the 29th don't be fooled and think that all is back to normal. We aren't out of the woods until Mercury's butt enters the sign of Libra on October 11th and kisses us all a big fat hello on the cheek.

Here's a big double yay to finally moving forward!

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