Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beloved Talk Show Host?

The last time I had the flu was about 15 years ago. I suppose it was only a matter of time. Saturn in the health oriented sign of Virgo has been doing a number on me for a while now in more ways than one. My ascendant is 23 degrees of Gemini and my Mercury is in 22 degrees of Sagittarius. Transiting Uranus has also been squaring my ascendant, decendant. I have definitely been feeling this battle of the Titans going on within and without me and I for one will be happier than most when this frustrating opposition gets a move on. I should just consider myself lucky that the flu is my only complaint right now.

Well enough of me. I know I'm a little late but how about that David Letterman? I just love astrology and find it so entertaining observing the signs in action. Here is David Letterman born under the sign of Aries. The Aries male stereotype is always looking for a conquest. Aries men always perceive in see the opposite sex as the weaker sex and in need of rescuing. Armed with this inside view into the Aries personality I am sure that from snarky Dave's point of view he simply felt that his little daliances were his way of helping his employees find an easier way up the corporate ladder. Sort of a charitable way to help a maiden in distress in return for a piece of the proverbial action.

I read somewhere that David Letterman was described as a "beloved talk show host". I'm sure this may come as a surprise to all you fans of dear old Dave, but "beloved" isn't exactly the adjective I would have ascribed to him.

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