Friday, September 18, 2009


Mercury the planet that rules communications and whose symbol is the Winged Footed Messenger has just retrograded backwards from the cardinal action oriented sign of Libra into the discriminating and detail oriented sign of Virgo. This means that last month while Mercury in the sign of Virgo and was taking care of all the little things he left some things undone and overlooked others. How very UN-Virgo like of him.

If ever there were a day when the phrase "God is in the Details" or "Less is more" would be used by the general population today would be it. This aphorism made famous by the Master of Modern Architecture, Ludwig Mies van der Rhoe born with a meticulous Mars in Virgo was known for his "skin and bones" architecture. He was known for keeping it simple.

So you can expect today to be a day you will most likely be called upon to iron out wrinkles literally and figuratively. Instead of allowing frustration to get the better of you when that report you've worked on for so long is handed back to you for more revisions just blame it on Mercury retrograde. If you don't want to see it turning up again like an unwelcome skin eruption on your wedding day just make sure you don't hand in the finished report until after the 29th when Mercury goes direct. You can expect the same with regards to any agreements you thought were final back in August as unforeseen developments stemming from back then can come back to bite you now.

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