Thursday, September 17, 2009


With Mercury and Pluto conjunct the Cardinal Axis you can be sure there are intense talks are going on today that have great significance for the world at large. If Venus rules little money, and Jupiter rules big money and Pluto rules mega money Pluto's very strong influence on the Cardinal Axis indicates that today the major powers of the world are working their hungry little fingers to the bone finding a solution to the worldwide economic situation.

Today is a day for putting heads together in order to bring about a solution to this enormous problem. A mutable pileup consisting of Saturn the Sun and Uranus indicates that it's obvious to everybody where the problem lies. Change is necessary but how can it be done without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The worldwide employment problem is the focus for today and health care is especially important for the United States not to mention third world countries.

With Pluto and Mercury on the cardinal axis the issue is forcing itself like a fever ready to break. Today the fever looks as though it has no intentions of going away anytime soon but the power to negotiate hard is certainly indicated by this forceful planetary picture.

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