Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome Home

I was deeply moved by the release of the two American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee who were sentenced to over twelve years of hard labor in North Korea.

We have had two eclipses during the past two months. On July 7th we had a lunar eclipse when the sun was in Cancer and the Moon was in Capricorn. On July 22nd we had a total solar eclipse at 29 degrees of Cancer. And finally on Thursday we have another lunar eclipse with the sun in the sign of Leo and the Moon in the sign of Aquarius which makes three.

Throughout the ages eclipses have signified that major changes are about to occur. The ancients followed eclipses as a way to foretell future events for kingdoms and countries as well as for personages. Today eclipses are followed in exactly the same way as explained a few blogs back by astrologer Debra Clement.

Unfortunately I don't have the horoscopes of Laura Ling or Euna Lee to see where the eclipses fell in their horoscopes. Tracking the eclipse patterns of these two journalists would be interesting to follow from an astrological standpoint...especially because of such a triumphant ending.

I am unable to provide the source of the paragraph below but felt that it was reflective of both the feminine and masculine symbolism of their experience as witnessed by the world.

As a rule, women and family are generally more affected by the lunar cycle, whereas men and politics are signified by the solar. This is not to say that women are not political animals, nor that men are distinct from the family, but that the private, nurturing side is more affected than the public, social and media driven arena, which even in the 21st Century is still primarily dominated by males, or at least by what might be described as masculine energies.

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