Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The word quadruplicity may sound like a word of awkward consonants related to the field of obstetrics but not in this case. Quadruplicity is defined as a group of four signs of the zodiac that belong to the same element. The four elements I am speaking of are fire, earth, air and water. I look at these elements as tribes.

The fire tribe consists of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The air tribe consist of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Fire and air signs are like close cousins in that they have a common ancestry that makes them similar in their approaches toward life. I call these the kids of the zodiac. They are an enthusiastic and curious lot and much noisier than the other tribes.

Earth and water signs are the astrological distant cousins who sit back and watch the fire and air tribes behaving like so many irresponsible second graders at recess. In short the earth and the water signs are like the grown ups of the zodiac and a little more practical in their approach to life.

Fire signs will get depressed without excitement and the air signs will dry up without socializing and mental stimulation. Earth and water signs secretly admire the fire and air signs but are made anxious and nervous by them because it appears as though these signs are throwing caution to the wind.

When the searching for a marriage partner one would think that fire and air signs would gravitate to a person born of the same tribe. More often than not the fire signs marry earth or water signs and the air signs wind up partnering with their more practical earth and water cousins. Proving that each sign seems to be looking for they lack.

When an earth or water sign marries a fire or air sign it's fair to say they are looking some excitement in their lives. And when a fire or air sign marries into the other tribe it's fair to say they are looking for someone they can count on.

So on those bad days when you look at your partner as though he or she were an alien from an alternate universe...just remember that it's because his or her tribe seemed to be a lot more interesting than yours.

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