Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I guess the transit of Jupiter and Neptune over Redford's Sun has made him completely oblivious to his the big fat Pluto transit in his 10th house. Marriages under a Pluto transit generally give them a shotgun flavor but considering the ages of these mature adults I doubt it. However, somebody must have given some kind of ultimatum prompting the decision to to finally tie the knot.

Are those romantic little hearts I see in the center of his baby blue's? Or is it just the reflection of the legendary movie star's progressed Venus squaring his progressed Midheaven that is making him look all gaga like?

It's obvious to this astrologer that he has tired of the ordinary and found a foreign born partner to keep him interested and on his toes as indicated by his progressed Scorpio Sun opposing his natal Uranus...not to mention the gargantuan transit of Jupiter that rules all things foreign hovering over his natal Sun. Sprinkle all of this with some Neptunian fairy dust and we have the perfect recipe for losing one's head.

Pluto transiting his tenth house looks like he will be making some major career and real estate changes as well. Given his new marital status and Pluto ruling his eighth house I expect that his lawyers will be kept pretty busy making the necessary adjustments to his will.

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