Monday, June 22, 2009


The Summer Solstice is a reminder that it is the the beginning of birthday celebrations for all our Cancer friends, lovers and family members.

Cancer is an active and initiating sign; it is the first representative of the psychic water tribe of the zodiac; it's nature is sensitive, emotional and it's astrological symbol is the Crab.

Cancer's were born with an innate need to make a home and start a family. Each sign of the zodiac is represented by a symbol that represents the nature and behavior inherent in each sign; we can learn a lot about the nature of a Cancer by watching a Crab's behavior in it's natural habitat.

Have you ever noticed how crabs will always avoid confrontations rather than face them head on. This doesn't mean that this sign is a pushover...far from it. Remember crabs do use their powerful claws to protect themselves as well as a way to forage for food on the ocean floor. They know how to nurture and they can and will hang on to anything that may be useful to them. This is a very resourceful sign. I mean how many other signs do you know that carry their house on their backs?

Cancer's have a reputation for being moody and so would you if the ruler of your sign was the see Cancer natives are susceptible to mood swings brought upon by the phases of the moon. This sensitive sign will not show it' soft and vulnerable side right away. Cancer's hard shell is just a genetic protective device used to hide under so no one will see the soft layer underneath.

The urge to collect resides in all Cancer's .....and it's a matter of degree. Some Cancers collect so obsessively that each saved object digs them deeper into their own personal burial ground. And then there are those who are just your garden variety collectors; the kind who make their living working at local flea markets and small village shops. And then there is still another kind of Cancer who uses his or her intuitive gifts for timely tracking of market trends resulting in the collection of dividends that reach rock star status.

Cancer's love of family is legendary. It has been said that an inordinate number of orphans have been born under the sign of Cancer. I'm sure the very lack of family drives these Cancer's to fulfill their purpose even more forcefully than their fellow counterparts. The abandoned Cancer's need to nurture, nest and protect will be exaggerated exponentially thereby ensuring the continuation of traditional family values.

Because of the position of Pluto in Capricorn Cancer's born between June 22nd and June 26th will find themselves focused on matters of real estate and mortgages through to the fall of 2011.

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