Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It may look full but it isn't. This picture was taken during the moon's Gibbous Phase on May 5th. By May 9th the vaguely fuzzy edges on the left will be sharp and crisp and we will have a loud and clear full moon to blame all of our bad behavior on. No matter what those skeptics say the moon does have an effect on our emotions.

If the moon has an effect on the tides and considering the fact that our bodies are made up of approximately 70% of water, it seems like a no-brainer to me that our emotions have more of a potential to run high during a full moon than other times when the moon is not. Any cop, emergency medical worker and even your local bartender would be able to share hair raising stories about their full moon experiences.....myself included. The weekend will be interesting to watch.

In the meantime, today the Moon has been in charming and relationship oriented Libra. Our Lunar mother has been socializing with fortunate and good natured Jupiter and fantasy loving Neptune. Generally these planetary combinations are great for giving parties, going to parties, all around flirting, and washing it all down with a favorite alcoholic beverage. The Moon in Libra has the potential to make anybody on a blind date feel like they hit the jackpot. Here's to getting lucky!

I would like to share an awesome website that I discovered today. Astrologers, Sandra and David Mosely have done an amazing job making their Moon Phase Calendar available in a user friendly format and everybody should have one! They have certainly found their niche and are to be commended for such a tremendously thorough and informative website. Do yourself a favor and bookmark the page.

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