Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Uh oh...Mercury Retrograde Again

Get ready to fasten your seat belts because just when you thought you were going someplace you'll turn around and find out you're going someplace else.

The little trickster Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde on May 7th.

Mercury is the planet that rules everything related to communications, travel and commerce. Right now our little wing-footed messenger is traveling along the heavenly highway in the sign of Gemini, a sign he is simpatico with. Gemini and Mercury go together like peanut butter and jelly. This kind of combo will make traveling, business agreements and signing contracts a piece of cake. Until May 7th that is....

On May 7th Mercury will go retrograde. When a planet goes retrograde it means that a planet appears from the earth to be moving backward through the zodiac. The effects of the retrograde can be analogous to leaving your house to go somewhere and then realizing that you forgot your car keys. Inevitably you have to go back inside to get them. Just expect to do things over again during retrograde periods in order to avoid unnecessary frustration.

Just so you can prepare yourself, I've made a list of the possible mercury retrograde scenarios that I hope don't happen to you:

  • Your fiance needs some time to rethink the marriage thing.
  • It's the one day you forget your cell phone and your car breaks down.
  • You have been told today is the day the contract will be won't.
  • You depend on public transportation...this is the time you'll wish you didn't
  • After the 20th paper jam, your office copier dies.
  • Rewrites, rewrites, rewrites.
  • Your long awaited plane trip to Prague winds up in Pakistan
Phew! The possibilities are endless.

This retrograde will be an interesting, if not more annoying transit than usual because Mercury is retrograding from Gemini, a sign known for it's flexibility then backwards into stubborn Taurus on the fourteenth. So even if you do forget the keys and the car breaks down while it's in Gemini there is a chance a good Samaritan will come buy and lend you a phone to call a tow and then on the fourteenth when Mercury plods backwards into security oriented Taurus you'll be hit with the bill.

Just be patient it won't last forever. Mercury will decide to go forward on May 30th.

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