Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Weather permitting on April 9th we will be able to see yet another celestial conversation between the sun and the moon. These two players in the heavenly sky will be opposing one another. Our assertive Aries sun will be facing the charming and accommodating Libra moon. Traditionally a full moon strives to bring awareness to us earthlings. Father sun and mother moon are now each others captive audience. The period of the full moon encourages compromising dialogue or challenging confrontations according to the nature of the signs the sun and moon are in. Aries aggression vs. Libra diplomacy. A most auspicious time indeed.

Rather than compete with one another on a personal or collective level now is the time to be objective in our dealings with each other. Taking matters too personally will surely defeat an opportunity for productive solutions. Approximately fourteen days ago a seed was planted. A new and pioneering way of doing things to bring about peace and harmony. Now is the time we will be able to see the fruits of what was begun.

It is time for us to raise our consciousness. We have two possible choices facing us now. To be either peaceful or aggressive warriors

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