Monday, April 6, 2009

Meeting my Purpose

I'm always asked, "How did you get interested in astrology?" The question always brings me back to my childhood. My very intuitive Pisces mother regularly referred to the astrological signs of my aunts and uncles when explaining the reasons for their behavior. It was as natural to her as pointing out the color of some one's hair. It was in this way that my very impressionable Moon/Neptune conjunction absorbed the language of astrology. I picked it up just like a child learning a second language in a bilingual household.

When I was a teen I would buy Dell Horoscope and American Astrology Magazine and head right for the advice columns. I had no formal training in astrology then but thinking back now, I realize I didn't really understand the words that I was reading as much as I felt an understanding of the words on the pages. It is only now in retrospect that I can see that I was being primed for my first astrology lesson. The opportunity would present itself approximately seven years later at a New York City restaurant.

I walked towards the girl behind the bar who was busy preparing for the lunch crowd and asked if they could use a new waitress. Her comment as I approached her took me by surprise "You are a Gemini rising, sun in Sagittarius and your moon is in Libra." This unusual greeting could disorient the astrologically uninitiated, but for me it was like music to my ears. It was only a few days earlier that I visited a Grand Central Station kiosk where I purchased a twenty page horoscope report. I read that thing cover to cover and I knew she was right on.

It appeared that our lovely bartender was an airline stewardess moonlighting during happy hour to make ends meet. She was also a student of astrology and practicing her art by comparing the physical descriptions of the astrological signs found in her astrology books with the appearance of the passengers as they entered the plane.

My first astrology lesson resulted from that serendipitous meeting and the rest is history.

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