Friday, September 2, 2016


The sign language I am referencing in this post should not be confused with the Department of Transportation or any association related to the hearing impaired. I'm talking language of the celestial kind. Not everybody is an astrologer, but if you know what to look for you're sure to have a few aha moments.  Let's start with the ARIES.

This sign likes being to be where the action is.

Often wrongly labeled an "underachiever", our Aries here is simply demonstrating that he hasn't yet found his passion. 

 An Aries man will always offer his assistance to any damsel in distress.  If the damsel is an Aries she'll expect it .

 There isn't an Aries man on planet earth who is able to resist a woman who plays hard to get.

Until they find "the one" they can act like a real jerk like Mel Gibson did in this movie.

Both sexes make the people around them feel like they're in a race they didn't sign up for...unless they too were also born under the sign of the ram. 

Their naivete can be quite endearing and baffling at the same time. 

Stay tuned for TAURUS.

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