Friday, February 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders is Growing on Me

Born under the sign of Virgo it is easy to understand why Bernie Sanders is perceived as a servant of the people.  Virgo's nature is to serve and nobody does it better than this 6th sign of the zodiac.  They are always the first people to want to give a helping hand. The sixth house is Virgo's domain so its easy to understand why he is a supporter of revising the health care system and bringing more job opportunities to the people of the US.  Age has no number when it comes to health care and jobs and education. Bernie is a lifelong  supporter of these these issues and nobody, not even his opponents believe otherwise.  It is no surprise to this astrologer why he is so popular with the younger generation.  They've been hit hard with the status quo and Bernie is giving them hope.

He's a breath of fresh air compared to most of the candidates we've come to expect.   His natal Sun squaring Jupiter can make a person appear to be arrogant, over confident and egocentric.  It is my opinion that in Bernie's case it simply makes him confident in what he believes which is a necessary asset for a candidate for the presidency. Even die hard feminists can't seem to say anything bad about Bernie.  Their only criticism seems to be his lack of experience in foreign affairs.  Granted compared to Hillary's last job assignment that argument seems to be in her favor.  But I remember our current president didn't either.

Bernie's  natal Mercury in a nice trine aspect to Uranus also helps make him a favorite of the millennials.  He's not talking outworn ideas and more of the same.  He's talking their language and the language of progressives. Stay tuned for Hillary.

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