Sunday, February 9, 2014


I'm not going to put more energy into this blog than is necessary, but given the subject matter concerning two very recognizable celebrities, I can't help myself from taking a quick peek at Mr. Allen's horoscope.  Time constraints will not allow me to delve into Ms. Farrow's but perhaps I'll give it a go next week.

A horoscope alone will never be able to give inconclusive proof of a person's guilt or innocence.  But what it can do is provide similar symbolism that accurately reflects or characterizes a person's personality and life experiences.  The rest is up to the jury and the Master of the Universe to decide.

Mr. Allen was born in the Bronx on December 1, 1935 at 10:55pm .  He is a Sagittarius with Virgo rising and a Moon in Aquarius.  Virgo makes him adaptable, critical and analytical.  These traits are funneled outward to the world in an intellectual and frank style of expression.  His Moon in Aquarius enables him to be friendly and sociable without expending unnecessary emotions.  A Moon in Aquarius allows him to keep  current with the social interests of people at large. His Moon trines Venus helps to make him popular with women.  However, that  Venus of his  is in a very nasty and manipulative configuration with Pluto and Mars which says at sometime in his life that configuration will be triggered.  Pluto and Mars is a hitleresque energy.  Bullying, brutal force, and tremendous anger are accurate descriptions of their combined natures.  When we pull in Venus it says sometime in his life that aspect will release and most certainly will involve the affections, money and child custody issues.  Whenever Pluto is involved there is always a big price to pay.  The price may be actual money or the very thing that a person thinks they cannot live without. It is different for everyone. 

Needless to say the symbolism fits in Mr. Allen's case.  As does his very strong Neptune. Neptune is the great deceiver, the great pretender and when Neptune sits right on a person's ascendant like it does in Mr. Allen's case it makes it difficult for people to know who he is.  Neptune in such a placement makes for a mysterious person who's face is covered in a veil of fog.  Even if were a personal friend of his and you thought  you knew the real Woody Allen, you wouldn't  really know him...really.

Transiting Neptune has been following Mr. Allen for a while now.  Neptune deceives, hides, imagines, pretends, and dissolves.  I don't know if the truth will ever be known.  But something sure smells fishy that's for sure.