Saturday, January 4, 2014

Attention! Watch for Stereotypical Sun Sign Quotes and Behavior Patterns

We've all heard them.  Those predictable excuses and  responses made by our spouses, co-workers, friends and relatives.  So I've compiled a little list for some of the most predictable one's like this one:
"Women just don't like me, I much prefer the company of a man than a woman."  (just click on the link for the answer)

Now for my next victim ... it wouldn't even occur to this duplicitous sign,  man or woman,  to offer an excuse for lateness. When they finally arrive (after an hour or more) they will work overtime using their cleaver tongue and wit to get you back into their good graces.

Out of nowhere, while having dinner with this beautifully accessorized sign you'll hear a whisper "What's that smell?"   Answer.

Practice observing people's behavior (after asking what sign they are) and a whole new world will open up. You might even be able to predict how your relationships will turn out.  

Psst! When they ask about their sign.  NEVER give them more than a one sentence answer.  For instance when an Taurus says "Tell me about my sign", just tell them they have exceptional appreciation for the culinary arts and enjoy cooking.  Keep the other stuff you find out by observing in your arsenal.  Astrology acts as an umbrella and protects you from those annoying personalities that appear like raindrops on a cloudy day.

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