Friday, October 25, 2013

Mercury Retrograde...Again

Well, its that time again.  Mercury, that little stellar trickster is back again...oops, I mean backwards again. But not really.  You see three times a year, sometimes four, Mercury goes into retrograde motion, which makes it appear from our position on earth to be moving backward through the zodiac from east to west, against the order of the signs.

Mercury rules over commerce, travel, written contracts, verbal agreements, computers, cell phones and communication in general. Classically, its just not a good idea to plan trips, sign contracts, make verbal agreements or trust that any news or gossip you hear is the whole story when Mercury is Rx.  Mercury Rx  is the time when your office copier keeps getting jammed or your dinner reservations got all mixed up or those verbal agreements you made somehow never held up. Life won't fall apart but plans and expectations seem to go awry.

Mercury will be retrograde until November 10th.  Don't breathe easy just yet.  Mercury went retrograde at Midnight October 21st when it was at 18 degrees and 22.9 minutes into the sign of Scorpio.  When it goes direct in its motion on November 10th, it will be 2 degrees and 33.9 minutes into the sign of Scorpio. Two weeks before the retrograde and two weeks after the retrograde is called the "shadow" period which is still considered under the retrograde influence.  So technically we have to wait until November 26th when Mercury returns to 18 degrees of Scorpio, which was the same degree it was in when it first went retrograde.  What a drag!  I'm still trying to figure out how I'll be able to wait a whole month to get all those things that broke down, got lost, got misunderstood and miss-written fixed.  Just think about it, statistically things tend to break down when Mercury goes Rx.  If a computer dies on a retrograde, and I mean dies, crashes, goes terminally dead with no hope of resuscitation, it would have to be replaced right?  Well chances are that new computer that you had to buy on a retrograde will start huffing and puffing again on a future retrograde.  No wonder this is a throw away society!

Here are some red flags that mean Mercury is about to turn retrograde:

1.  You got a second set of keys.  They don't work.
2.  That tire you got patched up months ago is flat.
3.  That awful blind date you had months ago called.
4.  All the computers in your department went down.
5.  Traffic is worse than ever.
6.  You fractured your finger /hand/ jaw/ arm/ in your car.
7.  You told your colorist to make you look younger. You hated it.
8.  You bought a new anything - and returned it.
9.  Nobody understands you.

Feel free to comment if you need a reason for the missing number10.

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