Friday, February 25, 2011

Mars in Pisces

Whenever Mars enters the sign of Pisces you can expect the actions of others to be a mixed bag of surreptitiousness and deceit flavored with a dash of compassion. Mars in Pisces isn't particularly aggressive but it is definitely motivated and must act in a manner compatible with his nature. Mars in this passive sign strives to avoid confrontation at all costs. Think conscientious objector or a director behind the scenes... kind of like the Wizard of Oz.

No matter what his style Mars is Mars and his job is all about getting the job done. If not forcefully like Mars in Aries or compulsively like Mars in Scorpio he will do it from his favorite hiding place ... the closet.

The planet Mars in astrology is associated with action, aggression, anger, and force but when this militant sign travels in the sign of Pisces the bite is taken out of it. Rather than push it's intentions and desires outwards it will take a more circuitous route in order to get the job done in order to avoid being discovered by others. Mars in Pisces prefers clandestine tactics thereby making it a very effective placement for a secret agent or just your common everyday nosy neighbor. Additionally, since pretending is one of Mars in Pisces strongest talents it is a very popular sign placement in the horoscopes of actors.

The transit of Mars in Pisces will finish April 2nd when Mars enters the next sign of Aries. Still Mars in such a late degree of Pisces on April 1st seems to me a very appropriate placement of Mars for April Fools Day. After that you can all fasten your seat belts when Mars revs up it's engine and enters Aries.

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