Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today's Astrology Forecast

I am very late with today's blog. Actually from the looks of things it's really tonight's blog. Whether it's late or not take a look and see if you can relate to the following forecasts.

ARIES - I'd wait until the weekend is over before you continue on with those communications with your co-workers. Talking to siblings should also be put on hold if you prefer inner peace to frustration and misunderstandings.

TAURUS - Be patient and resist taking any chances with your money. This is the time to stand back and assess your financial situation...not gamble.

GEMINI - You're feeling the pressures of family responsibilities and relationship matters because marriage and real estate are heavy on your mind. Stop focusing on your health it will be less of a concern after the 26th.

CANCER - You could be making money faster and spending it even faster today. Just make sure it's all legal.

LEO - You've got more energy than you can handle going on right now. Be careful and stop being so pushy. Go to the gym and work off some of that aggression.

VIRGO - You're in charge of everything today. Don't worry you'll be back to being the employee by the end of the week.

LIBRA - You can either change your financial situation or let it change you. You'll be able to get support from friends but not without a little aggravation.

SCORPIO - Be careful to not let your emotions get the better of you. The good news is that romance is just a trip away.

SAGITTARIUS - You will feel a lot better about your marriage if one of you takes a trip... preferably alone.

CAPRICORN - You may be a little fuzzy about your finances but you're pretty clear about what you believe in. As long as you follow the rules you can't go wrong.

AQUARIUS - People might be getting under your skin but no one would be able to tell from the looks of your gentle exterior.

PISCES - It might be a little unsettling on the home front but you come off smelling like a rose. Do yourself a favor and buy a lottery ticket...who might win a few bucks.

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