Friday, April 9, 2010

Pluto Square the Sun: White Kuckling Through Life

It's Friday and we are still looking at the horoscope of our Capricorn participant born January 15, 1983 at 6:39 AM. Scorpio is the sign on the cusp of the eleventh house which means that the years of fourteen through twenty one will be ruled by the planet Pluto because Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.

Dobereiner says "the sign of Scorpio is attachment and commitment oriented." We can say that for the next seven years of our participant's life he or she will become attached to a particular set of ideas and understanding because Pluto is located in the ninth house. The ninth house is located in the third quadrant of ideas so we can conclude that these ideas will become our Capricorn's view of the world at large because Pluto is in the ninth house. It looks like our Capricorn sees the world as a very controlling place.

Having such a powerful planet like Pluto in the ninth house is an indication that our participant's idea of religion was the result of being exposed to a belief system that was control and power based. Upon further inspection I think that these beliefs were more the result of his or her observations of the world rather than the result of being indoctrinated into a specific organized religion per se. Pluto in the sign of Libra indicates that our participant needs a tremendous amount of mental stimulation.

It is at times like these that I would give anything to personally speak to the participant to find out how the experience played out.

Somewhere in the years between fourteen and twenty one our participant would have received quite a bit of the mental stimulation because these are the middle school and college years. Pluto also has the potential to deny the things represented by the house placement as it did with me. I have Pluto in the third house and although I was physically present in a classroom I have absolutely nothing to show for my high school education . I owe all I have learned to astrology. So it is possible that our participant did not go on to college but did learn a lot through observation. In either case this is an interesting and self motivated Capricorn and I would expect him or her to be nothing less than the master of his or her fate.

Any interest in tattoos is the result of the strong Pluto aspects in the horoscope. As I have mentioned in earlier posts Pluto attaches itself to images especially if Pluto is in the third quadrant where images are encountered. I suspect that in our Capricorn's case the first tattoo would have occurred between the ages of fourteen and twenty one as well as twenty one through twenty eight. This conclusion is based on the fact that Pluto rules these periods in our participant's life.

Because Saturn is located in the tenth house Saturn's influence and the square to the Moon and Venus must be taken into account but the experience will be all about ninth house matters because Pluto rules this period. So our Capricorn became attached to a particular belief that was all about control. Our Capricorn will also experience during this period a possible disappointment in love and or feelings of inadequacies. These aspects although difficult, will help our participant to develop and mature. I have found that people with Venus Saturn hard aspects have a good eye for art and architecture. They have an eye for beauty characterized by Venus and appreciation for solid foundations and structures ruled by Saturn.

So although this period brought with it less than our Capricorn had hoped in the love department a great lesson was learned that will help to serve our participant well. The experience of an unfulfilled relationship with the wrong person is the best way to learn how to recognize the right person. Lesson learned: Rare is the Capricorn who makes same mistake twice.

On the cusp of the tenth house is Scorpio which means that the ages of twenty one through twenty eight will be ruled by Pluto. So again for the next seven years our participant will experience what it is like to be comitted to his or her beliefs. Ninth house matters are all about beliefs, faith, philosophy, and law. The square to the Sun and Mercury in the first house indicates that our participant has a personal investment in these matters. Since Libra is intercepted in the ninth house he or she would be inclined at some point during this period to enjoy a romantic relationship and possibly law school as well.

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