Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Fourth Quadrant Marches to a Different Drummer

Our participant born on October 22d 1967 at 9:21AM. The mid heaven is in at 5 degrees and 44 minutes of Virgo and the cusp of the eighth house is at 0 degrees and 35 minutes of Leo. Going in a clockwise direction, the planet Mercury ruled this period from twenty one to twenty eight years because Virgo is on the tenth house cusp.

In order to find out what our participant would have experienced we have to look at Mercury, it's location, as well as the aspects to determine the unfolding phase of development. If our Libra is evolved and aware, it looks like our Libra is now busy analyzing, compartmentalizing and performing selfless service behind the scenes that is representative of his or her career ideal. Given the fact that there are always two sides to a coin and even more sides to a horoscope there was also the possibility for our participant to have become seduced by Neptune's tendency for escapism.

One thing for sure is that our Libra was definitely flying under the radar around this time. In order to find out what was going on around this age period we would probably have to blindfold and tie our participant up in order to pry it out of him or her. Aspects to Venus also indicate the possibility for secret romantic dalliances.

Between the ages of twenty eight and thirty five the Sun becomes the ruler of this period. Since the Sun is located in the eleventh house our Libra is now able to understand that being in a position to be of use to others is not such a bad place to be.

A Mercury ruled period repeats itself when it becomes the ruler of ages thirty five to forty two when our participant again goes into hiding or feeling the need for anonymity and privacy. I might add here that regarding tattoos, Plutonian types are more intrigued by ink than people influenced by the other planets. Assuming that our Libra is so disposed I would like to point out that Mars which ruled all things forged in steel would also include needles and our Libra was born with Mars in the physical first quadrant. So based on this astrological data it would be more than likely for our Libra at some point in his or her life to go through an inky type ritual.

Our participant is a person who marches to a different drummer and adapts well to that position and what that entails. I would also like to add here that people with the majority of planets in the fourth quadrant want to leave something of what they have created behind for others to use Tattoos are just one of the many ways that someone can leave their mark on the world

Given our participant's proclivity for high profile relationships the ages from forty two through forty nine will likely be a period when our Libra will have marriage on the mind.


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