Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Marriage, The Physical Body, Financial Security, and The Second House

It has taken me three hours to discover that no matter how hard I try or how many times I read the instructions on "Blogger Help", I just can't paste an image saved in Word to Blogger. I am frustrated to the point of throwing my computer out the window. If anybody reading this blog can help with a solution I would be eternally great full. Until then my dear readers you all will have to deal with my examples without illustrations.

It's been quite some time since I've read Dobereiner's books and due to this blog I find myself revisiting them. Over the years I have collected so many charts that illustrate how well his system works but at the moment they in New York. On my next visit up I will round them all up and share them with you.

Marriage is one of the top ten subjects of interests to astrologers and their clients alike. We all know that the seventh house is the house of marriage but did you know that this house by itself is not marriage because as Dobereiner says when you get married you have to sign a contract. When you sign on the dotted line you give up rights and those rights "belong to the second house." He says that the second house is the "concentration of material possibilities."

It is one thing to encounter someone who turns you on to the point that you only have eyes for that person and that person only which is symbolic of the Eighth house. But quite another when we remember that the Eighth House is in the third quadrant of ideas and an idea is just that. An idea only exists in the mind and until that idea manifests itself in the form of a physical contract technically the marriage never took place.

I have found a lot of nurses with the ruler of the Seventh House in the Second House. If the Seventh House is what one encounters and the ruler of that house is located in the Second House we can say that this person encounters people on their own person or body. It is also possible to experience physical abuse from others with this planetary set up. The Second House also represents the cellular structure of a person. Dobereiner illustrates how it is relatively simple to determine whether a person with a potentially dangerous aspect will experience it physically or whether it will be experienced through witnessing the event. It is also interesting here to note that when a person reaches between the ages of 70 and 77 this time frame will correlate to the exact developmental phase where the cellular structure of the body lies. It is not at all unusual for people around this age to experience physical ailments.

Pisces on the Seventh House cusp always signals that there is something about encounters that are difficult to define or just plain not there. One example that comes to mind is a woman who had Pisces on the Seventh House and Neptune was located in her second. She was married to a minister who didn't make much money. At the time of her reading she was also going through a difficult transit to her second house which made it doubly difficult. Another woman I know with this placement was always attracted to artists and musicians and could never count on them for her financial security. In still another example a person suffered financial losses due to a difficult marriage.

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