Tuesday, December 8, 2009


For all of my astrologically inclined blog readers who display their ink proudly, I invite you all to send your birth information to me for another research project I've decided to do. I have been inspired by your comments and am eager to usurp more eighth house/third quadrant secrets from eager volunteers. Be sure to send your month, day, year and time of birth so I can do a proper study. To ensure your anonymity I will need your birth data only and no names. By voluntarily giving me your birth data you will be assisting in the advancement of astrological studies. Please don't forget if today is your birthday simply go to my website and give me a call for your ten minute free reading.

Dobereiner has provided a way to understand how to read a chart thoroughly and effectively. It is a system that fills in all the blanks. In my opinion the thing that is missing in most astrology texts and systems is order. When I began my astrological studies I was taught to start with the ascendant, then look for the ruler of the ascendant, where the ruling planet is located and from then on bounce from here to there all over the chart seemingly like a ping pong ball.

In traditional astrology I was taught that where the Sun is placed was of great importance because one must "do" their sun. But what was left out was what the connection between the ascendant, the sun and the ruler of the 10th was and and how to incorporate these three factors into an expression that flowed into an understandable whole. Dobereiner starts to explain that even with as little as a skeleton chart; meaning a circle divided into twelve sections with only the rising sign, sun sign and the ruler of the 10th house the student could begin to gain an understanding of what the person was striving to express, how it was going to be "realized", and lastly where it would wind up in the end or more specifically what the "final outcome" of the individual's journey through life looks like.

Wolfgang Dobereiner offers us a way to follow the experiential journey of a person's life starting from birth all the way to the present. The way that his system differs from others is that he is able to show us that we are not born all grown up in a three piece suit. He shows us how we got there.

Tomorrow I will begin from the beginning and share with you a great astrology system that will help you become a better astrologer as well as a way to tell whether or not you are into tattoos or not.


laura said...

Hi Patricia,
My birthdate is 3/26/1955 12:30pm New York, New York. I have followed the links from this post and am so happy and excited to have come upon Wolfgang's work. This work gives voice and method to my own understanding of astrology and doing readings. It builds on the foundation I have and supports the wisdom I am connected to. Thanks again, Laura


It makes me so happy that you are interested in his work. His work is remarkable!
Thanks for your data!