Thursday, November 19, 2009

Multiple Choices and Sarah Palin

It has become as obvious as an unwelcome boil on the tip of a model's nose that the Sarah Palin Blitzkrieg has begun. Apparently Sarah is taking her show on the road like some super rocker with yet another hit gone gold. By promoting a book she hasn't even written Sarah has somehow found a way to rise from from the ranks of a one hit wonder to a cash cow for the conservative left.

It looks like Sarah isn't going to go away anytime too soon. So I decided that I would be doing a service for all astrology lovers by providing some answers to many unanswered questions... especially since the conservative left wouldn't know an Aries from a cocker spaniel.

If your answer is right you will see Sarah Palin giving a speech in Henderson Nevada. If you are wrong you will see Tina Fey as Sarah

This aspect would make Sarah a little testy as well as a natural competitor:
(a) Mars conjunct Sun
(b) Moon semi square Uranus
(c) Venus conjunct Saturn

It is understandable that she chose "Going Rogue" as the title of her bookbecause her sun sign is:
(a) Aries
(b) Taurus
(c) Aquarius

With so many planets in fixed signs Sarah would tend to be:
(a) Accommodating
(b) Patient
(c) Stubborn

Neptune makes a number of challenging aspects in Sarah's chart which tends to make her:
(a) anxious
(b) self-confident
(c) intimidating

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