Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

The one thing all Sagittarians have in common is their need for freedom, knowledge and understanding. The urge for freedom in these natives comes in degrees. There are conservative Sag's who don't even own a car but always need the security of an unexpired drivers license. Then there are Sagittarians who can never be found within twenty miles of their own zip code. And still others who just stay within the confines of their familiar neighborhood but have a PhD in philosophy. This sign's natural urge to hike around the planet must be satisfied on a physical level or through vicarious perusing at library shelves and bookstore aisles.
November 23rd - December 21st
All Sagittarians have the opportunity for romance this year. So if you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mister or Ms right it would be a good time to update your look and start in earnest. All you Sag's born after the 13th will have more energy than you've had in years. Try not to give in to temptations that will interfere with your exercise routine or you may find yourself unable to keep up the pace when spring rolls around.

Expect fortunate opportunities from friends especially those of you born on the 14th, 15th, and 16th. Natives born on the 15th should be prepared for a tremendous burst of energy that can either jump start your career or make others head for the hills as a result of your new dictatorial approach.

Sagittarians born between the 23rd and 27th of November will have the ability to focus and use restraint without feeling they are giving up their precious freedom. For you legal oriented Archers looking for job security you would do well to follow up on any leads related to the court system.

Sagittarians born after the 26th of December will finally feel released from the shackles that bind by July 2010. If you have been suffering from sciatica it has been due to Saturn pressing his karmic demands on you. This has been a grueling time health wise as well as career wise for Sagittarians but the worst is over and if you can hang in there a little bit longer you will feel as though you have been granted a permanent reprieve.

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