Monday, October 19, 2009


Every sign has a specialty. Scorpio's specialty is all about the commitment. Once a Scorpio agrees to do something...whether is be mowing the lawn, driving a friend to the doctor or accepting a dinner invitation. A Scorpio has an intensity of purpose like no other sign of the zodiac.

A lawn sown by a Scorpio would is destined to become a major rival of the famous Scott's garden empire. A Scorpio friend who offers a much needed lift to your doctor appointment anticipates the promised favor with such intensity of purpose that he/she would opt to sleep over your place rather than risk being late. Be sure not to cancel a dinner invitation with a Scorpio friend especially since he/she has probably just had the calendar date tattooed on a very obvious body part. What I'm really getting at is that this 8th sign of the zodiac ruling death, sex and taxes does just about everything to death. But ONLY if he or she decides to commit to the idea. If a Scorpio wavers when asked to do a favor it is a sure sign that there is no interest or it is a totally inconvenient request.

So armed with the above information one would be able to gage where a Scorpio is coming from. An excited Scorpio is motivated. An apathetic Scorpio won't be swayed even with a stick of dynamite. Don't forget Scorpio is considered a fixed sign and one of the famous four stubborn signs. In the world of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius means no.

Since the Moon is in Scorpio we can expect the day to be packed with Scorpio-like issues. Financial matters specifically pertaining to insurance and matters pertaining to the dead come under Scorpio's rule. Was it today that I heard about insurance companies gambling on the life expectancy of the insured? Whether it was today or yesterday doesn't really matter as even an upcoming Scorpio Moon energizes a preview for upcoming events. Pluto the ruler of Scorpio has an affinity for underground treasures like gold, oil, silver and precious and semi precious stones. My expertise in these areas is extremely lacking as my practice is limited to counseling but I'm sure watching the market today would have been an interesting ride to say the least.

Additionally this Plutonian Moon would have brought out the stalker in all of us. God help all the those jealous spouses and significant others today as their compulsion to get to the bottom of things could reach the breaking point.

On a more serious note... interest in the extension of life will be the focus today as key players in the scientific and medical fields focus more intensely on genetic research. Since it is highly unlikely that anyone today will be able to take even the light stuff lightly it would behoove everyone to take on a Buddhist philosophy and simply live in the moment.

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