Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Feeling the need to wander? Today's Moon in Sagittarius would be a great day to take a mental health day and head for the woods. There is no better day than today to experience the psyche of a Sag. The vibration of this moon will infuse everyone with an urge to head for nature. If you are getting a subliminal message like this whispering on your ear just be sure to keep your car windows open so the wind can blow the city right out of it. Even those of you reluctant to venture beyond your zip code should experience a renewal of energy after purchasing the most recent publication of Rand McNally's mega world atlas.

Another symptom of a Moon in Sagittarius is an inability to restrain oneself from saying exactly what is on one's mind. This unfortunate state is similar to Turret's Syndrome where controlling verbal impulse is near impossible. Generally today will be a day more likely than other days for people to experience lots of embarrassing cringes due to the unsolicited blurtings of others.

If you are feeling claustrophobic at your job today the Moon in Sagittarius will exacerbate the feeling. Today you might just be able to arrange for your job to be less desk bound. The simple act of moving furniture around your office or living quarters can make you feel like you have supersized your surroundings. This is a day when new found optimism is as easy to find as an apple ready for picking in the month of September.

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