Monday, September 14, 2009


Our latest Mercury retrograde period started on September 7th and will last until September 29th so we would all do well to pay attention to what we are doing.

If you don't want to revisit the same old problem over and over again check and recheck your agenda. Something as minor as a weekly shopping list can be effected. During the next few weeks it will be more than likely that the date on the package of your your favorite imported cheese has expired leaving a bad taste in your mouth and pocketbook as a result. Mercury retrograde periods are notorious for making us purchase items that wind up being returned.

Since Mercury rules communication in general it would be wise for all of us to hold our tongues. There is no telling what could fly out of our mouths at this time. If you are planning a vacation prepare for possible delays. I have found that Mercury retrograde travel periods can go quite smoothly as long as you don't go with an attitude of rigid expectations.
Editors will find that Mercury retrograde periods are the best times to catch grammatical errors and misspelled words.

The results of documents that require a signature during a retrograde period can be interesting to watch. It is not uncommon for the circumstances surrounding the required signature to change when the next mercury retrograde period comes around. I wonder if an inordinate number of those greedy mortgages were signed during Mercury retrograde periods. It would certainly make for an interesting research project don't you think?

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