Monday, July 20, 2009


While everybody is wiling away the hours drinking cocktails and ignoring the elephant in the room this astrologer is concerned about early November when the planet Saturn enters the sign of Libra and makes a square to Pluto. Historically every time we face serious Saturn and Pluto hard aspects our economy is always hit hard. So let's take a short trip down memory lane shall we?

Recession of 1973-1975 - Saturn Pluto Square
Recession of 1980-1982 - Saturn Pluto Conjunction
Recession of the early 1990's - Saturn Square Pluto
2001 and the economy - Saturn opposite Pluto

Check out this great article from the Mountain Astrologer that will give you a more complete picture.

And all this reminds me.............

I recently had a conversation with a history professor on a return train trip to New York from Philadelphia. In order to make small talk in my Gemini rising fashion I casually mentioned to the professor my observation that history seemed to repeat itself. I expected her to return my statement with more than an agreeable nod but instead she emphatically denied that this was the case. Secretly I was dumbfounded by her response and it put an end to our conversation faster than if she had told me she believed the earth was flat. As I reflect on my Strangers on a Train experience I completely understand the reason for it's speedy demise.

Early on in our journey I answered her question as to why I had been in Philadelphia. I explained that the purpose of my trip was to finish a project with a fellow astrologer. It is not often that I offer information regarding my profession for obvious reasons...but hey...she asked didn't she?

I can only conclude that she was under the assumption that I would use this conversation to convert her to astrology or even worse...witchcraft...and decided to stop it dead in it's tracks. The fact is she really had no reason to worry because after all everybody knows the commissions for astrology conversions are way below the minimum wage these days.

Well...that will teach her to talk to strangers now won't it?

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