Friday, July 10, 2009

The New General Motors?

Wow! I am continuously amazed by astrology. It was just announced today that after only forty days in bankruptcy court General Motors has reinvented itself as a leaner and meaner car machine maker. The inventive Moon in Aquarius should calm any fears that at GM it will be business as usual. This car maker is hell bent on utilizing technology and innovation as a way to climb back on top from the rubble they were on the bottom of.

The reason for this faster than a speeding bullet turn around is due to the transiting Moon approaching a square of Mars...the magical flavor surrounding the situation is due to the Moon's conjunction to Jupiter and Neptune. It appears that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and maybe even the Easter Bunny are living and breathing in Michigan after all.

The fact that the socially adept Moon in Aquarius is transiting the USA's Aquarian Moon makes this a Lunar Return of epic proportions. It should be no surprise that the news is all about cars when the USA's natal Moon resides in the third house of transportation. The square of transiting Mars in the USA's sixth house of work and service is an indication of the intense determination, not to mention the colorful language it must have taken to get this reorganization accomplished.

As for me...I'm hoping for green rather than mean.

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Debra Clement said...

Or will it be the "the same old, same old?" In this case, I think the Jupiter/Neptune/Moon conjunction equals Big/Fraud/on Public.