Monday, June 1, 2009


Just because Mercury went direct don't think we're not out of the woods yet. The little fella is traveling straight towards a square to Neptune making for fuzzy thinking and poor decision making.
If you add Jupiter to that mix the effect becomes magnified. When Mercury is in a square aspect to this joker combination the feeling after it passes will be kind of like finding your one night stands toupee on the pillow next to you the morning after.

If you want to avoid accepting a possible marriage proposal from the next celebrity serial killer or a Bernie Madoff wannabe wait until the 15th of June when Mercury enters Gemini his natural ruler before you sign on any dotted line.

This is a great time to play with ideas that challenge your imagination. Consider this a time of drafts rather than the final save.

Hit the "save" button on the fifteenth and you won't be disappointed.


spw718 said...

I knew something wasn't quite right. Still feels like Mercury is in retrograde. Thanks for the explanation!

Carol CAnnon said... made me laugh out loud - I love it... one challenge I have not (yet) encountered in my checkered love life has not been the toupee challenge...things to be prepared for - but thanks for the clear warning on this configuration and recommendation for the clarity coming on the 15th. Your writing is hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I enjoy your blog tremendously.
And yes, your examples are hysterical but effective and implicitly evocative!
Thank you!!