Saturday, June 6, 2009


According to this New York astrologer's sogg-o-meter Seattle was beginning to look as dry as a saltine by comparison.

In honor of El Sol's return, I want to wish all Gemini's born between May 21st and June 5th a very Happy Belated Birthday. And knowing that every Gemini's dark side can be triggered by extremes in weather patterns I have chosen this legendary Beatles tune as a sunny day alternative for everyone born between May 21st and June 21st who may be suffering from bad weather blues.

I understand that natives of your sign prefer everything in two's so please feel free to click here for the universal Birthday Song in order to encourage a yin and yang balance to your celebration.

Gemini rules over all matters concerning the third house of the zodiac. When Sun is transiting the sign of Gemini we can expect more interest in matters concerning communications. The third house ruled by the planet Mercury rules traffic, the mail, and even twins or multiple births. It is not unusual to find an inordinate number of Gemini's born when the Sun is traveling in this ephemeral sign. Famous twin Angelina Jolie who recently became a mother of twins is an excellent example of this phenomena. Gossip also comes under the sign of Gemini so we will probably be hearing more news about those sextuplet reality star parents Jon and whats her

A few years back when the Sun was transiting Gemini, my beautiful Siamese cat gave birth to a couple of Siamese twin kittens. Events like this are crossed off as coincidences by skeptics. I for one believe it has more to do with the synchronicity of the planets than a matter of mere coincidence. I've also seen too many news related stories about traffic patterns, new book releases and auto industry related matters when the Sun is in Gemini to agree with them.

People turn to recording their most private of thoughts into a journal when the Sun is in this curious sign. I wouldn't be surprised if there were an increase of pen and pencil sales around this time. Gemini is a flexible sign so all you stubborn folks can surprise your loved ones by taking an opportunity now to be more flexible in your thinking. The third house rules short journeys rather than long distance ones. People become restless around this time and need to roam around more because they become curious about their local and neighboring zip codes.
Journalists will resonate to this period by giving their Blackberry's and laptops a workout eager to record every jot and tittle.

Gemini's ruler Mercury rules over the written word. So pull up your ergonomically comfy chair because the month of June will have everybody Googling their fingers off until blisters the size of aspirins form on their tips.

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