Friday, May 1, 2009


This photo embodies the essence of a Leo strutting his stuff!

Leo needs the limelight like Madonna needs Madison Square Garden. Every month the moon will visit each sign of the zodiac for about two days. Since the moon has a strong effect on human emotions the nature of the sign the moon is in will be reflected through people's behavior. So be on the lookout for drama queens for the next couple of days...yourself included!

And for all you shrinking violets out there, today you have the opportunity to break out of your insecure habit patterns. If you've been religiously reciting lots self help mantras in your head, today is the day you might just hit pay dirt. Waitstaff will find tip cups overflowing due to their sudden outgoing personality shift and all you aspiring actors could blow everyone away with a perfect audition.

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Carol CAnnon said...

It is great to discover this blog with "the news" of what is currently affecting us in the skies...and, to find enjoyable descriptions of the Sun is about time a reliable astrologer surfaced!