Friday, May 8, 2009


Happy belated birthday to all you Taureans born before May 8th and to those of you born after this date may your upcoming birthdays be filled with cushy Lazy-Boys and lots of yummy take-out.

If you were born between April 20th and April 24th you should be feeling more in control of your life than ever before. Knowing that security is first and foremost on the mind of every Taurus rest easy because this is a great time to get your point across, in the boardroom or on the playing field...also a great time to resurrect a dying business or start a new one.

Those of you born after the 25th can look forward to becoming more than you ever thought you could be beginning next year. If your birthday is between May 14th through the 22nd you will be able to get through this period of stalled efforts and frustrations better than most and make it work for you.

Born after the 22nd you will want to know why you've been spinning your wheels faster than contestant on the World's Biggest Loser. You have been under the spell of fantasy oriented Neptune making it easier for you to slip into dreaming about possibilities rather than implementing them.

If you were born after May 7th you will find yourself more bullish around the dessert cart and will need more than astrology to help you resist those indulgent days.

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