Wednesday, July 31, 2019


So I watched the Elizabeth and Bernie Show last night.  Man I love those two!

Elizabeth was born when Mercury was conjunct Mars.  She's a lightening fast talker which gives her the ability to run rings around her opponents, making it impossible for them to catch up.   In high school she would have easily been captain of the debate team.  She easily goes into attack mode especially when it comes questioning banking regulators. That Moon in Taurus knows a thing or two about finance, making it almost impossible for those slippery finance giants to get away with pulling the proverbial wool over her super hero eyes.  And please let me not forget to mention her Cancer sun sign.  She sees herself as the defender and protector of her constituents, always prepared for the wiley ways  of her opponents.

Bernie the Virgo will always see the details that nobody else notices.  He never comes unprepared and like Elizabeth has the documentation to back his claims. Work and service is his whole life.  Ask any Virgo.  This sign almost never retires.  Even when they do, they're doing other work that is usually in a service industry helping others. His Scorpio rising sign makes him relentless in his commitment to making the world a better place.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night to see the other candidates.  Like the rest of the sane world.

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